Driving around this beautiful day with my beautiful grandma with Thievery Corporation on blast ☀🌸💕

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Bless the hand for what was writ
or bless the mind for its wit
but most of all bless the throbbing heart
from where in its depths, it all did start.


Stunning xx
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#Eclipselunar #LunaRoja #Caguas #Puerto_Rico

I couldn’t see the eclipse from where I am. this is a lovely series of photos!

Wow from PR! ^.^ Miss it there & would have loved to see it

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i like staying up at unhumanly hours but i also like getting 12 hours of sleep do u see my problem

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I’m very open-minded and can tolerate many different types of music but this new wave of folk-pop-banjo shit I just cannot STAND it instantly annoys the fuck out of me


feels like home ;)
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kinda mad that i cant breathe underwater

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So I was digging through some old things and I came across an old watch I used to wear.. I knew that the watch was broken, (it was a traditional watch with hands, not a digital one) but for sentimental reasons I just kept it anyway. As I held the watch up, I noticed that the time it “died” on read at about 6:38. I look at the actual functioning clock in my living room and it was 6:38. LOL I took that as a sign as I’m right where I need to be ^.^

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